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Covid- 19 Booster Shots now Available

this must be six months after your second dose.

So if you you had you second dose before June

this year it is time to book for your booster.

Regardless of which vaccine you previously had –

it is recommended in most cases to have

the Pfizer vaccination booster.

                               You can Book your appointment  online:






(Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca are available by appointment)

Please check your eligibility online through Vaccines Eligibility Checker (healthdirect.gov.au) or call 03 9740 4429.



Flu vaccines are now available for Patients



New Service now Available

We are happy to let you know that Dr Peter Bakhoum is now offering

appointments for

Circumcisions for babies up to the age of 3 months.

These appointments are currently available Monday, Thursday and Friday between 6pm and 8pm,

they are also available on Saturdays between 9am and 3pm.

This service will be PRIVATELY BILLED at the cost of $450 payable on the day either by card or cash.

This is not a bulk billing service –  however should the child have a valid medicare card,

you will be able to claim between $150 to $180 back from medicare –

which you will have to process.

Please call us on 9740-4429 to arrange an appointment –

these appointments cannot be made via our online appointment system.



We have moved from Health Engine to HotDoc now for our online appointments

there is a link on the home page. You may like to download the HotDoc app from the app store or Google Play.

This service will send you reminders regarding your appointment, there are many more benefits that will be available to you.



It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Dr Meredith Moodie.

Dr Moodie has been with us over past few years, a favorite of many patients,

she has been a delight to work with and we hope all her future endeavors will be successful.

May she take our warm regards with her.



Gap Road Medical Centre has now been open for 20 years

2000 -2020

 During this time we have been listening

to the patients needs & we have expanded

extended hours both in the evenings and the weekends

we have more Drs and more female Drs

more allied health services onsite – Pathology onsite – X-ray on site

online appointments and more

we hope to continue to meet the needs of the community

and greatly appreciate your support.


It is with great sadness that we have said Goodbye to Dr Gill, he has been working with us since 2014 he started on as a registrar and became a fellow with the RACGP not long after that.

 We wish him well in all his future endeavours.


Latest News

COVID -19 – We are doing what we can to keep everyone safe during this period – we offer Phone consultations for existing patients. We are still open but would encourage phone consultations for everyone’s safety. Should you not be sure, you are welcome to have a phone consultation with a Dr of your choice first and they can recommend a course of action, and advise you if you need to come into the centre. Phone consultations can also be booked in the evenings.

Everyone entering Gap Road Medical Centre is required to wear a mask.

We have Screens up around reception, Hand Sanitizer on entry, chair spacing maximum of 15 people, should their be more you will be asked to wait in your car. No one should come to the centre if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 – high temperature or flu like symptoms, or if you have COVID -19 or been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19, we recommend you get tested at on of the testing stations – there is one in SUNBURY at 29 Timmins Street. If you have tested negative in the past and recently been in contact you may need to be retested.


We also welcome Back Dr Keryn Walters – Dr Walters is now a fellow with the RACGP. We congratulate her on her success. Dr Walters is  available for appointments on Thursdays either via this website or by calling 9740 4429.


We sadly said good by to our registrars from last term they will be missed,  we would like to welcome our two new registrars for this term we have a male and a female registrars  this term- Dr Matthew Poulter &  Dr Shanna Mousaco they are happy to join our team and are available for appointments either on line or by calling the centre. We would like to Warmly Welcome them.


ACCREDITION has been completed to RACGP standards 5 – and approved we are now Fully Accredited   until January 2023 –  we have been an accredited centre with Agpal since 2000.  Twenty Years – Well done everyone!


Survey Certificate

Results of our recent survey are now in thank you to all participants

     The response in general was very good, and we endeavour to give a good service, so there is a couple of areas that have been brought to our attention – that may need some improvement that we are working on as follows: —


  1. Everything ran on time –  response as a Medical Centre we never know when an emergency arises and these can be frequent, and of course take longer times, we try our best to keep things running smoothly, as best we can, our average waiting time is less than 30 minutes compared to state average this is very good. In emergency situations you would expect the best care possible for yourself and your families.  We are aiming to try to improve our averages, your help would be very much appreciated. a) only bring one person per appointment – if other family members need a consultation please make an appointment for each one. b) please try to be on time – we understand that you may need to wait, however for your appointment every 5 minutes you are late that makes the Drs run behind, 6 patients x 5 minutes late is 30mins behind schedule for the Doctor. We will try and inform you should there be an extensive delay.

2.   I am able to see a doctor quickly when I need toresponse although you might not be able to see the doctor of your choice in this case, we can          generally get you an appointment with a General Practitioner within 24 hours. If it is a life threatening emergency then of course that will receive          immediate necessary attention – however this could mean others appointments will be delayed. We do allow for emergency appointments every             day, however some days have several.

3.   It is easy to make an appointment for a day and a tome that suits me – response please keep in mind is that some times of the day are preferred          by many eg. afterschool drop off in the morning & afterschool during the week so these times might not be available on the day.  We have also                made online appointments available for you to see what is available and what suits you. We have extended hours for appointments from *am to              10pm week days and 9 to 5 Saturday & Sunday. We have a locum service that is available as well for those that live within a 10 kilometre radius of          the centre available when the Centre is closed.




Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8:00pm

Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm

Sunday – Closed

Public Holidays – Closed

Phone 9744 4352

we price match



A BIG – Congratulations to Dr Madeleine Smith

on obtaining her Fellowship to the

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


We are happy and delighted to let you know Dr Smith will be staying on with us – welcome!


We would also like to welcome another female GP  to our Centre

Dr Maryam Mirzazadeh

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